Mason Garland

Mason "Lucky Charms" Garland

Bla bla bla bla. Mason likes Lucky Charms and he currently resides in Alaska. He shares a birthday with Tom Brady and once shared a taxi with Gisele Bundchen. Like Vikings' QB Sam Bradford, Mason is 1/16th Cherokee and is often mistaken in public for his scrawny little brother. His greatest accomplishment is surviving over 27 years without seeing the movie Forest Gump, but his co-host Joe Quigley has this record beat by 10 months. Similar to Forest Gump, Mason has a rare leg condition known as kid knees,  where he his knees stopped growing at the age of 8. Go read Dracula's bio or something.


Mason "Lucky Charms" Garland

Mason "Double Down" Garland

Mason "Matzah Balls" Garland

Mason "Red Berries" Garland

Mason "Pedo Pizza" Garland

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