Joe Quigley

Joe Quigley

Joe Quigley is a retired former American football player, prehaps best known for hosting the hit podcast, Football and Stuff. 

Quiggz in his prime during the 2001 season.

Quiggz in his prime during the 2001 season.

Rookie Season

Quigley first hit the gridiron in 1999 for a struggling Moorestown Quakers 85-lb team. Lacking in experience but making up in intelligence, he was a master of the playbook. Quiggz spent time playing almost every position including a brief stint at quarterback for the run heavy offense. Because of faulty memory and poor record-keeping, it is unknown whether or not he completed any passes. He retired following the season to focus on his blossoming hockey and basketball careers. 

First Comeback

In 2001, he felt compelled to come out of retirement and joined Philadelphia Catholic Elementary School juggernaut, St. Matthew Razorbacks. Quigley struggled to make an impact initially, but his prowess on the special teams unit lead to a starting role at outside linebacker. As one of the defense's best pass rushers, he helped the Razorbacks to an appearance in the City Championship, which they lost to some other team. 

His 2002 campaign was nothing but painful, as he was relegated to tackling dummy on the varsity squad. Quigley transitioned to inside linebacker in 2003, but was never able to achieve the greatness seen two years prior. He served as a special teams specialist and depth player as St. Matthew once again lost in the the Championship, this time to St. William. Quiggz retired for the second time following the season to pursue academic pursuits. 

Second Comeback

However, his thirst for football was still not satisfied and he came out of retirement yet again in 2005 for the Father Judge Crusaders. Despite coming into camp in the best shape of his life, a lack of growth spurts significantly capped his potential. He was now playing defensive back and learning all about zone coverage and stuff. Quiggz suffered an ACL sprain in a tackling drill during a practice and never quite recovered. 

His most notable play was in the final minutes of a JV game versus the now defunct North Catholic Falcons. The Crusaders led 20-0 and put in all of their back ups. Father Judge called a cover-2 defense and Quigley was lined up wide against one of the North's receivers. He let the Falcons' pass catcher get inside on a slant pattern for a reception. The receiver took the ball up field 60+ yards for a touchdown, ending the Crusaders' shut-out. Quigley was heavily criticized by teammates, despite the fact that the safeties and linebackers provided no help and let the receiver waltz all the way to the end-zone.

Hampered by injuries with no sign of a growth spurt in sight, Joe Quigley retired from football for the third, and perhaps final time.  He still leaves open the possibility that a return to the game is not out of the question.


Quigley currently resides in Philadelphia, PA, where he is one of the founding members of He also hosts the show with his less competent and funny compadres, Mason "Lucky Charms" Garland and Producer Shawn.

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