Episode 43: Say My Name

A quick rant about the NBA Finals, a long list of dead people, and an in-depth guide on how to kill bears and horses.

Intro: Ode to Viceroy by Mac DeMarco


Episode 42: DraftThings 3: Fast Food

The game that is sweeping the nation is now sweeping the floors of fast food restaurants around the world! Join host Producer Shawn as Joe and Mason compete to make profits while clogging arteries. Will Joe finally break his DraftThings schneid? Or will Mason grease his wheels and drive on thru to another victory? Will Producer Shawn rig the game in Mason's favor? Does anybody remember the 'Shaq Snack'? All of these questions (except one) are answered in the third installment of DraftThings! The game where we draft things!

Intro: Fast Food Song by Fast Food Rockers

Outro: Old MacDonald Had A Farm by 3D Animation English Nursery Rhymes & Songs


Episode 41: Sleepy In Seattle

FB&S invites our listeners to explore The Emerald City with Mason during his 13 hour layover. Topics covered: the city of Chicago, wooden boats, ladybugs again, loving yourself, and the best seafood-themed gentlemen's club in Seattle.

Music: Lithium by Nirvana, Trucker's Atlas by Modest Mouse, Body by PUSA, Little Wing (Hendrix Cover) by Ayron Jones, Rooster by Alice In Chains, Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana


Episode 40: To Kill a Ladybug

Mason buys 1,500 ladybugs, hilarity ensues. Producer Shawn kicks off Health Consciousness Awareness Month with a sweet story about Mason's namesake Lucky Charms, providing Joe with ammo to judge people based on their cereal-eating habits. A new fat-shaming vending machine provides more food for thought. Lastly, a brief addendum to the epic 5-hour uniform trilogy released in March leads to suspicions of Tom Brady's immortality.

Intro: 40 by ridetola

Outro: Ladybug by Presidents of the United States of America


Episode 39: DraftThings 2: Child Stars

Join us for the second edition of DraftThings! The new fantasy game taking the world by storm! No season-long commitment, just a couple of dudes racking up imaginary profits off of children's Hollywood dreams! Along the way we discuss which celebrities are worth less than some dogs, as well as the most fucked up idea for a stageplay ever. Also Joe and Shawn settle a Savage debate!

Intro: Season 2 Episode 3 by Glass Animals

Outro: The Opposite of Afternoon by Unknown Mortal Orchestra


Mason broke the podcast this week.


Music: Fly Mode by Odd Nosdam


Episode 38: Put Down Days

Joe recounts an epic draft weekend adventure, Mason has the group examine video evidence of an assault on an alleged Cowboys fan, and Shawn makes a bold prediction for the 2018 draft. Also- the last sneak preview of our new podcast The Cold Treatment!

Intro Music: Gorilla by Clams Casino


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