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Son of Zorn Episode 1 Review

Seriously, fuck this guy.

Seriously, fuck this guy.

Son of Zorn is about a deadbeat dad/barbarian hero’s attempt to reconnect with his son Alangulon after spending most of his childhood off fighting monsters on the island of Zytheria with a big cartoon sword. Zorn, voiced by Jason Sudeikis, is a cocksure man of action, at once quick-witted and profoundly indifferent to the discomfort of those around him, not at all unlike Sterling Archer from the FX series Archer. In fact, when I say not at all unlike Archer, I really mean completely the exact same.

Cheryl Hines portrays Edie, Zorn’s ex-wife, a reformed party-girl who is happy to have settled down in the burbs after spending the 90s doing blow, riding giant birds, and getting gang-banged by cave trolls.

Edie’s new fiancée, the mild-mannered, emotionally-in-touch, online psychology professor Craig, is played by Tim Meadows, and is easily the funniest part of the show. The man truly is a master of the understated, but he can only work with what he was given, and what he was given is some shitty clump of peach fuzz named Johnny Pemberton.

Zorn’s son, Alangulon is played by Johnny Pemberton- a perpetually pubescent actor you may recognize from high profile roles such as Assistant in Community, Pedestrian in LA Pizza, or Ice Cream Store Customer in Ant Man. His dedication to speaking with the timidity of box full of gerbils is impressive to say the least. Combined with his friends Unnecessary-Exposition-Boy and Girl-That-Is-Too-Good-Looking-To-Realistically-Be-Attracted-To-Him, Alangulon and his crew should be killed off and it should just be called Zorn if they want any hope of renewal.

Here’s a list of things I would rather do than watch Son of Zorn: Masturbate, Floss, Use a Lint-Roller on Something, Think About My Failures, Call My Parents, and Drink Alone.

3.5/5 I’ll probably watch it again.