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The Beginner Episodes. Producer Shawn's first appearance (Ep. 3).

Episodes 1-5

Episode 5 - A Ton of Porn

The results are in! We asked, you listened, you answered, we listened- now get ready to listen again as we find out once and for all just how bad Mason should feel for eating Lucky Charms. Also this week: two eulogies and a dick joke.


Episode 4 - Gruden and the Grinders

This week on FB&S: Mason returns from injury, Kirk Cousins starts a cult, Ben Rothlisberger has a fat face, Joe has a problem with children's cereal, and Producer Shawn has a problem with alcohol.


Episode 3 - The Quiz Show: Netflix and Stuff

No football this week because the preseason is unbearable. Instead, Joe's knowledge and patience is tested, Mason can't say "Hitler", and Producer Shawn fucks everything up. 


Episode 2 - The Six-Legged Mistress

Mason shares a dirty secret hiding in his closet, Joe maintains he has no connection to a known sex criminal, and somehow we keep talking about RG3.


Episode 1 - Preseason Growing Pains

Joe and Mason talk about Tom Brady's mattress, which way Jared Goff thinks the sun sets, the best way to murder a dog and more!


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