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Episode 30: Unfergiverble (NFL Uniform Bracket Madness Pt. 1)

At long last... The Definitive FB&S rundown of every uniform in the NFL. Bracket style! This one's got the AFC.

Intro: Pretentious Friends by Modeselektor ft. Busdriver

Intermission: Summer's Cake by John Swihart


Episode 29: The Maddening

What is Michael Keaton's greatest immortal form? What is it about obese men that turns tragedy into comedy? Who among us has seen the film Angels In The Outfield? None of these questions are answered in this crazy-making episode.

Intro: Madness by Muse


Episode 28: Hot Button Stuff

Jerry Duke stops by for another 'Hot Button Stuff' panel discussion on childhood insults and Oreos.  Joe and Mason pathetically compete guessing old celebrities in 'Their Older Stuff Is Better'. Later, Producer Shawn inspires the world with some quotes for healthy eating. In the end, Producer Shawn hypothetically fucks a murderer, Joe has a threesome with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, while Mason slaughters the Black Eyed Peas for display in his living room, and every body kills a cat in a game of 'Stuff, Marry, Kill and Stuff'.


Episode 27: Stuff & Stuff Stuffcast

Producer Shawn hosts a very special ALL STUFF episode to kick off the summer season! Brace yourself for beanie baby banter, Mason's take on Princess Diana, a fucked up thing to do to squirrels, and a whole lotta bung.

Intro: Good Stuff by UGK

Outro: Black Lipstick by Chicano Batman


Episode 26: Brian Tuohy: The Fix Is In

Dive deep down the rabbit hole as the crew has a compelling chat about game-fixing in the NFL with Brian Touhy, "The King of Sports Conspiracy".

Check out his website:

Intro: Damn That Valley by U.S. Girls

Outro: Window Shades by U.S. Girls


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