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Episode 25 - What If God Was One Of Us

Joe and Mason perform philosophical gymnastics to convince themselves that football is still worth watching, Producer Shawn discusses his love affair with fine diamonds, and yeah just fuck everything.


Episode 24 - Tom Brady Plays Dungeons & Dragons

Joe and Shawn set off on a quest to find a magical ring, and along the way encounter a siren with a firm handshake, a dangerous man with a deadly pillowcase, and set a new single-game passing touchdown record.

Intro Music: Mt. Crushmore by Lettuce


Episode 23 - January Jonesin' For February Football

This week: Producer Shawn has some truly terrifying fan mail, Mason uses a microphone made out of a tin can full of his own farts, and Joe explains why sometimes it's fun to root for the bad guys.

Intro Music: Hostiles by Damon Albarn


Episode 22 - The GOAT

We here at the Football & Stuff Podcast recommend that you commit to memory the 15-minute rant at the end of this episode about how the Super Bowl is a horrible barometer for talent. Just in case the Patriots beat the Steelers this weekend...

Intro Music: Ice Ice Baby by 8 Bit Universe


Episode 21 - We Rigged The Playoffs

Does Eli Manning have a funny hat? Does Joey Porter have a history? Does Andy Reid have foreskin? At least one of these questions is answered while we discuss the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs!

Intro Music: Sitting in a Treetop by Kabanjak


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