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Episode 20 - The New Jersey Giants

Are Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher really dead? Yes, probably. In this episode we tackle many such questions, for instance: Is Mason planning a Jihad in his spare time? Can Vaseline be used as a substitute for saliva in the mouth? And who the hell is Tom Savage?


Episode 19 - Chopped Cheese

Celebrities are dyin' and conspiracies are flyin' in this, the final episode of 2016. Have a happy new year and don't drink and drive- we can't afford to lose any more listeners after Producer Shawn scared everyone away by making disgusting snot noises throughout the entirety of last week's episode!


Episode 18 - Hanukkah Special & Stuff

Alright you schmoes! Set your tsuris aside, be a mensch, and get ready for the first-ever Football & Stuff Hannukah Special! And be sure to tune in later this week for Dracula's Sing-along Bonus Episode!


Episode 17 - Pearl Jelly

The Football & Stuff Person of the Year has been decided! Also in this episode: Producer Shawn continues to grieve the loss of his beloved mixer, Joe takes every opportunity to defend Jeff Fisher, and Mason once again inadvertently steers the conversation toward pedophilia.


Episode 16 - Dudes Talking About Robots

After the Producer Shawn's audio mixer (and best friend) became self aware, Joe forced him to beat it to death with a hammer. Up in Alaska, Mason's got dog problems again. The guys meet up for a campout on the prairie to relax and talk about Westworld.


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