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The Formative Episodes. Dracula's first appearance (Ep. 10)

Episodes 6-10

Episode 10 - Football & Duff

This week on the Football & Stuff Podcast: Someone keeps calling us cucks on Twitter and the gang tackles offensive Halloween costumes the way an offensive tackle tackles tackling.


Episode 9 - Halloween Special & Stuff

Joe, Mason, Dracula, and Producer Shawn discuss the horrifying Cleveland Browns schneid, the creepy connection between LBJ and Josh Brown, and what a Seahawk is.

This episode brought to you by 50¢ lager: it's scary good.


Episode 8 - Schneid Robber

Stakes are raised, deals are made, and somebody's gonna look like an asshole for sure. But first: a preview of the Superbowl halftime performance of Producer Shawn's dreams.


Bonus Episode: FanTV Lookball!

You can tell our fantasy football seasons aren't going well when we start drafting fall network television shows. In this bonus episode: Mason uses big words, Shawn uses sex appeal, and Joe lives in an alternate universe where the Eagles are 4-1. 


Episode 7 - Gaga for Gabbert

It only took seven episodes for Mason to trick Joe and Producer Shawn into discussing who they think are the most attractive quarterbacks in the NFL. Also, we use the word "objectively" about 100 times.


Episode 6 - Their Older Stuff Is Way Better

Feel superior to your friends with this truly classic episode of Football & Stuff- Mason goes googoo for Gaga, Producer Shawn offends two separate races in their entirety, and Joe almost dies on the air! Listen to it before it's cool.


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