What Is This?

What is This?

In 2016 The Cut-Up Company, the unholy bastard offspring of three comics in Philadelphia, was born. When we got tired of writing, stand-up, and flirting with Andy Dick on Twitter we made the Football & Stuff podcast. 

In 2017 we made The Cold Treatment. On TCT we read amateur scripts, bring them to life, and casually review them.

In 2018 we were given the key to the City of Philadelphia for "Massive Improvement to Culture".

In 2019 the Libertarian party offered us a 3-headed Cerebus-style presidential candidacy which we accepted.

In 2020, after the drone wars we remained the last bastion of pre-event humor and drunken philosophy, and as such were executed for our thought crimes.

Don't like the podcast? Send us hate mail. We might even name an episode after you! (See FB&S Ep. 12)